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2022 World 's Universal Beauty (7-9)
Marlee Sommerville
Introducing Your 2022 World's Universal Beauty, Marlee Sommerville  from Texas
     Marlee Yvonne Sommerville, is the 8 year old daughter of Grace and Cliff. She is 3rd grader from Plantersville, Texas.  Marlee competed in her 1st Preliminary Pageant in 2019. She's won numerous state titles such as Texas State Model of the Year twice, Texas Entertainer of the Year twice, and crowned Texas Miss Personality twice. She has been in the top 15 at Worlds twice and won Divisional Model of the Year and Divisional Entertainer of the Year. She has won 1st Alternate at Worlds and Worlds Miss LaPetite Princess. She was crowned Texas Universal Beauty age 7-9 and went on to win Our Little Miss USA this past summer.
     Marlee is the current reigning Our Little Miss Worlds Universal Beauty age 7 to 9. In her spare time she volunteers in her community with food and toy drives.
     She is a supporter for The Renewal Center (a woman's shelter). Marlee is a competitive dancer and gymnast. She is an amazing swimmer. She loves to sing and act. She has been in a few commercials and you can frequently find her in advertisements and promotions for the Texas Renaissance Festival.
     She has one brother named William and loves her dog named Frenchiee.
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