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0-2 Year Division Clothing

  • Judges are looking for the whole package!

  • Babies need to look like babies.

  • Clothing should not overpower a baby's inner and outer beauty.

  • Chaperones should coordinate colors and clothing to showcase your baby.

  • Please refer to your handbook on specific clothing rules for this age division. 


This should be a Sunday dress style.  Smocked dresses above the knee are very popular for Our Little Miss.   You can find Smocked Dresses online at Zulily, Remember Nguyen, Best Dressed Child, and Grammies Attic.   Remember it should compliment your baby not over power her. 

A lot of people get confused by our Sportswear Category.   It is not actually a Sporty outfit.   Instead it is a casual but slightly dressy outfit.   It can be pants, shorts, or capris.  Our Little Miss loves classic looks.  If you can think back from when your grandparents or great grandparents were young the style they wore is very popular.  Obviously a more current stamp on it but you can get the idea.   Smocked Bubbles, Shorts with A-Line top and Peter Pan collar shirts, and custom outfits are where you need to look.   You can find these also on the sites above as well as some of the Facebook resale sights.    

Party Dress can be a low glitz, natural baby doll pageant dress, or a dressy Sunday-style dress.   At the World level you will usually see pageant dresses.   At our Preliminary and State Level they most definitely will be fine in a Sunday style dress.  The dress should have a full zipper back and if buying one with out sleeves you must make sure straps are at least one inch.   A lot of the resale shops on Facebook have great dresses at great prices.   If you plan to purchase you may email us a picture of what you are thinking and we can provide some guidance on whether we think it will work prior to your purchase.  Also, Ebay has some great pageant shells that you can add stones to yourself.   In the search engine type in baby doll pageant dresses. 

HANDS ON Requirement

This division has a hands on rule meaning that a Chaperone must be in contact with the child at all times while modeling.

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