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2023 Texas' Universal Ms


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At 23 years old Amanda is a licensed cosmetologist at SportClips, where she spreads joy and confidence with her expertise. Also working at Mindy’s Boutique as a clothing live sale model, she showcases her creativity and infectious energy. She was Raised by Raymond and Sandi Hatfield, Amanda learned the values of perseverance and dreaming big from a young age. She embraces independence and cherishes time with her grandparents. Whether applying makeup, crafting, or diving into a good book, Amanda's diverse interests reflect her passion for self-expression. Through it all, her mission remains clear: to empower others to discover their inner beauty and confidence. Amanda's journey is a testament to hard work, kindness, and the transformative power of belief.

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I grew up in Weatherford, Texas, where I spent countless hours making mud pies in the backyard, cherishing the simple joys of childhood. Then, when we moved to Washington, we traded mud pies for clam digging, hiking while immersing ourselves in the unique experiences offered. Throughout it all, my parents have been the embodiment of hard work and dedication. Their unwavering commitment to providing me with the best opportunities in life has been a constant source of inspiration.

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For more than a decade, I’ve delved deep into the world of makeup, deriving immense joy from applying my own makeup to imparting tips and tricks to others. Whether I’m assisting friends with perfecting their winged eyeliner or guiding customers on products best for them, empowering women through makeup fills me with joy. Despite my enduring passion for makeup, I also find delight in disc golfing with my boyfriend and fishing, of course always with my lashes intact! My love for exploring diverse genres through books and finding peace in journaling intertwines seamlessly with cherished moments spent with family.

Im excited to be part of a nursing home prom initiative where I’ll be providing nail, makeup, and hair services to the residents. It’s a heartwarming opportunity to bring joy and glamour to their lives, creating a memorable experience filled with music and laughter. Additionally, I’ll be donating my time to offer haircuts for those in need, recognizing the importance of basic grooming and self-care for everyone in our community. These endeavors not only bring immediate happiness but also foster a sense of connection and support among us all.

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I can't wait to meet new friends, and of course see all my friends at the 2024 Our Little Miss preliminaries and state pageant in Bastrop, TX. See y'all real soon!!

Amanda Hartfield

2023 Texas' Universal Ms

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