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2023 Texas' Ideal Miss


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My name is Hayden Ashley Hartman and I am your 2023 Texas’ Ideal Miss. I am 13 years old from San Antonio and currently in 8th grade. I am a 7th generation descendant of a veteran from the battle for Texas Independence, the daughter of Courtney and Garrett. I found a love for pageants at 12 years old when I competed for the first time. I joined the Our Little Miss family through a local preliminary in February of 2023, and was overjoyed when crowned the title of Texas’ Our Little Miss Ideal in April. I have since signed on with a local talent agency and is working to expand my portfolio for modeling, acting, and singing. I aspires to focus on fashion as I move forward into high school and my goal is to obtain a degree in Business as well as Fashion Design from NYU. I hope to one day launch her own designer clothing and luxury handbag line entitled “Hayden Ashley”.

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I’m the oldest of 3 boys on my dad’s side and 1 boy on my mom’s. I was born in Houston, but have traveled around texas living in Tomball, Midland, and currently San Antonio! I really enjoy seeing my cousins and hanging out with family. All of my family from both sides are always so interested in what is going on in my modeling and pageant world and are always so supportive!

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At 12yrs old I signed up for my first pageant, with no experience, and no clue how to walk in heels. I enjoyed the stage and the experience so much it encouraged me to expanded into modeling, acting, and even singing classes. In kindergarten I said I wanted to be famous when I grew up, and walking on the stage feels like I am living my dream! For fun, I love enjoying time in the water with family and friends; kayaking, swimming, boating or just hanging out on a beach.

I love working all around my city and giving back to those in need. I volunteer my time with Haven for Help shelter sorting clothing and food. Over the summer I volunteered with Sleep In Heavenly Peace where I used power tools and assisted with building beds for children in need. I also supported a neighborhood food fundraiser for San Antonio Food Bank by preparing the drive, gathering donation and representation throughout the social event.

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Good Luck and have fun at the preliminaries. Can't wait to see everyone at state in Bastrop. 


Hayden Hartman

2023 Texas' Ideal Miss   

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