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2022 Texas' Universal Beauty (10-12)


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! My name is Amory Jackson, and I am your 2021 Texas 
Universal Beauty 10-12. I am 11 years old, and I attend Burnet Middle School. I love everything about Middle School especially math. I have a lot of after school activities like dance, tumbling, FFA, and of course pageants. It is so amazing to have the privilege to represent Texas Our Little Miss. When I won Queen, I was so proud and excited to have more opportunities and to make lifelong memories with my queen sisters. The experience I have had being queen has been so much fun!

I live in a town 45 minutes from Austin called Burnet, Texas where I live with my family. My mom is the best, she helps me get ready for my pageants, does all the driving, and is the best supporter. I love her so much. Derek is one of my biggest fans. He usually holds the fort down while are traveling for pageants and of course he sends his wallet with us! My older sister Gracie is my best friend! She helps me with everything including picking the right outfit for pageants, the best angle for selfies, just really helps me through everything. I will be sad when she goes to college next year, I will miss her very much. But my little brother, Remington, is always by my side. He is so cute, crazy, really fun to play with and my number one fan! I really love my amazing family.


You should meet me in the world of dance. It is so much fun because you can just be yourself and that’s what I love doing. If you don’t like to dance that’s ok to it is so fun to watch your friends and other people dance and do what they love. There are many different types of dances that you can do to fit you own and unique style. I do jazz because I love to be sassy and fun! It just feels so good to dance along to music and watch people smile when I and other people dance.

I love doing community service and I was super excited to get started. For one of my many community service activities, I read books to a local daycare so that they can learn new things. I read books about using your manners and being kind, as well as being neat, tidy and grateful. And of course, a few fun books. It was fun, and all the kids were adorable.

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Amory Jackson 
2021 Texas Universal Beauty 10-12

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