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2022 Texas' Universal Beauty (3-4)


Hi friends! My name is Serenity Branham, and I am your 2022 Texas' Universal Beauty Queen. I am 4 years old and can't wait to start kindergarten this year. I am so excited to see my first classroom, meet my teacher and make new friends!


I am blessed to have earned the opportunity to represent the state of Texas. Becoming the Texas State Queen was the best moment of my life so far and I'm loving every minute of my reign. Hard work pays off! It truly is an honor, and I am grateful!


This is my Family! We live in Temple, Texas. Our town was originally founded as a railroad town in 1881. Neat, right? If you ever get a chance to visit the Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum, you should. It is so fun and I love the playground. Who knows, you just might see me there!


My dad Eric is my pageant bestie! He dresses up with me for the theme parties, always makes me laugh and is one of my biggest fans. But, my mom Sabrina is the one that makes it all possible. From prelims to community service, outfit designs, hair, make-up, photos and more she truly is my rock! My sister Starla is 13 and my brother Eric is 10. They are very busy in lots of activities but always cheer me on, just like I do them. This is us, a little bit crazy, a little bit loud and a whole lot of love!

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Some things I like to do in my free time are swim, go to the waterparks and pretend to be a doctor. But my ultimate favorite thing to do is dress up! I have fun dressing up in silly clothes making my family laugh. But I also love to dress up pretty like a princess. So I'm sure you can see why I love pageants! All the beautiful dresses, shoes, hair and make-up. Plus getting to take pictures in King Reds chair and don't forget about the King Red Stomp! It's all so much fun! What more could a girl ask for? 


Since winning Texas Queen I have competed in 2 World's Pageants and I won the 2024 World's Miss Photogenic Title and Best Headshot along with other multiple top placement awards. Exciting, Right? I love competing in pageants and I'm thankful for all the moments I have experienced in Our Little Miss. But the opportunities to give back to my community in the many ways I have are the most rewarding so far.

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As your 2022 Texas' Universal Beauty Queen I am able to work with some great organizations in my community. One of my favorite opportunities was working with the girl scouts and the Temple Children's Museum creating an outdoor play area with hand painted walls, a bluebonnet restaurant and even a boat with water skis. Fun, Right? Being a part of the ribbon cutting and playing with the first children allowed to experience it, wouldn't have been possible without being your Texas' Queen. I love my job! 

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I can't wait to meet everyone at the preliminaries and I'm even more excited to dance with you all at the state pageant in Bastrop! Good Luck! See you soon!


Serenity Branham

2022 Texas' Universal Beauty Queen

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