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2021 Texas' Our Little Miss Preteen


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Howdy from Historic Anderson Texas! I am Isabella Grace Pimentel and I am proud to represent my great state as the 2021 Texas’ Our Little Miss Preteen. My favorite subjects in school are Writing and History and I love to be with my friends! Most evenings you can find me crafting, scrapbooking or hanging out with my family. 


Being a Queen with Our Little Miss has been a dream come true. This has been one of highlights of my life and I have enjoyed every moment of it! We have traveled, made friends, had many laughs and grown close as a Royalty Family! 






This is my incredible family! We have been through so much in the past few years. My dad, Jacob, is my hero. He’s an Iraqi War Veteran and has TWO Purple Hearts. More recently he slayed a battle with cancer- no medals to prove it, but some pretty crazy scars tell the story. My mom, Ashlyn, is my biggest fan. She keeps me organized, runs me to my prelims and activities and is the packing queen! She makes things happen. My older sister, Maddie, is great. She sticks up for me even though we fight, and we love to shop together! Graham is my little brother. He’s a wild one! He keeps us all on our toes and always makes up laugh. My Nana isn’t in this picture, but she supports me in all things. She comes to almost all of my pageants and does the jobs nobody else wants- like steaming dresses is this Texas humidity. She makes sure my things are organized and ready to go for my next events! She’s the best! 

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Who doesn’t love a good laugh?! Amiright?! I love to put smiles on everyone’s faces when I perform my own unique comedy routines. Laughter is the best medicine! 

I am a proud supporter of The Grimes County True Blue Foundation! They exist to bridge the gap between law enforcement and our community. Our law enforcement in Grimes County is incredible. They visit the locals schools, catch the bad guys and even help wrangle cows and livestock when they escape! It’s nothing to see a few officers working together to get a cow back in their pen while another officer is directing traffic to keep our drivers safe! Ahhh, the country life! I recently was able to assist with their Foundation Dinner. The coolest part was meeting Neal McCoy! He was so kind and I got to share my OLM story with him! 

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Isabella Grace

2021 Texas' Our Little Miss Preteen

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