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2023 Texas' Our Little Miss


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Marlee is the daughter of Cliff and Grace. She is originally from Plantersville, Texas. She was the 2021 Miss La Petite World’s Princess, she was Our Little Miss Texas' Universal Beauty. In July of 2021 she was crowned Our Little Miss Universal Beauty. In July of 2021, she was crowned Our Little Miss USA. January 2022 she won Our Little Miss World’s Universal Beauty age 7 to 9. She is your reigning 2023 Texas' Our little Miss. In January 2024, at age 10 became World’s Universal Princess for the Pre-Teen division. She enjoys playing with her dog, Frenchiee. She wants to be a chef and mommy when she grows up, but considering becoming a doctor. She also competes in competitive dance. She has 1 brother named William, and a Sister named Skye. Marlee loves to volunteer. She wants to wish all of the contestants good luck and don’t forget to focus on the positive!

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Marlee has 2 siblings, William and Skye. She recently moved from her hometown of Plantersville, Texas to St. James Missouri. She takes dance in her new community and enjoys going to church and being with friends.

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Marlee sings, acts, dances and does gymnastics. She has a YouTube channel with a plethora of different genres, but focuses on her favorite passtime, developing her different characters on the Roblox video game.

Marlee's big Community Service project is the Precious Preemie Project. She helps and assists families who have infant's in the NICU. She understands the struggles families go through dealing with the stress and concern about their critical infant. The Precious Preemie Project not only helps the infant with items like clothing and receiving blankets, Marlee's project provides help for the families by filling a backpack with donated items such as inspirational reading materials, tissues, snacks and journals. Marlee and her family have first hand knowledge of the stress having a baby in the NICU can do to family unit. She was a 3.8 pound 30 week Preemie. Her sister Skye was born at 28 weeks barely weighing a pound.

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Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 2024 state pageant!

Marlee Summerville

2023 Texas' Our Litle Miss   

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