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2021 Texas' Universal Tiny Master (0-18 mo)


Hello, everyone! My name is Juan Cervantes Jr. and am your 2021 Texas’ Tiny Master. On September 3, 2022, I will officially be a year old. When my parents are at work, I like to hang out with my Abuela (great grandma). I enjoy playing with my toys, eating snacks, watching Cocomelon with Abuela, and laying with my blanket.


 I am grateful for the opportunity to be your Texas Tiny Master. When I won my title, I was about a month old and slept the entire time. As I have grown, I have enjoyed my adventures with my older sisters and mom who have competed. OLM really is a family thing for us. I have also made many Queen sisters and King brothers in my time as king. 


 I live with my mom, dad, and two older sisters in Belton, Texas. My sister, Asteria,  is my biggest fan she helps me do everything (sometimes I don’t like it). She is the reason I am your Texas King. My other sister, Nyinx, is my friend sometimes but I can’t play with her sometimes because I like to pull on her equipment.  My dad, Juan, is the best he lets me play video games with him and allows mommy to buy all the things I need for the pageant and things that I want just because. My mommy is awesome, she works so hard to make me look good but sometimes Cheetos are irresistible. 


As a king, I have been able to help my mom with serving our community. We donated Easter baskets to the local children's Hospital and food to the Local Ronald McDonald's house. These two places are special to my family. My older sister Nyinx was born with a Chromosome disorder known as Patau Syndrome (trisomy 13). She spent about 6 months in the Children's hospital, where they cared for my sister. I'm so glad she is here today. The Ronald McDonald's house was my mom, dad, and older sister's home during this time so they could be close to Nyinx. 

My most recent time volunteering was at the 1st annual Block Party for Central Counties Services (MHMR). I worked the Cake Walk with my mom. This place is special because it's where my mom and dad work. Central Counties Services helps those with mental and intellectual disabilities. Central Counties Services also partners with E.C.I (early childhood intervention), an organization that helped my sister with therapy to get her to where she is today.

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Juan Cervantes Jr.

2021 Texas Tiny Master

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