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2021 Texas' Tiny Master



Hey there! I’m Rex Beniot, your 2021 Texas Tiny Master. I’m 2 years and 6 months old and live in Spring Texas. I love hanging out with my small friends and painting, sorting, coloring and jamming to good music in the car! I’ve also become an international traveler and added a stamp to my passport! 






I still live with my parents, but they’re pretty chill, so I guess I’ll stay a while longer. My dad and I like to watch movies and play the drums. My mom takes me swimming, buys the most dapper clothing so I’m always looking good, and she takes me to my prelims and pageants where I get to see the ladies. (They love me!) We also have 2 dogs, Kloie and Two Step. They’ve been my friends my whole life! 


This year I helped out by donating to YES to Youth. They focus on providing mental health to youth in Montgomery County. We met some incredible people and one had even competed in an OLM pageant in the 80’s! 

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Rex Elliott Benoit

2021 Texas Tiny Master 


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