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2023 Texas' Baby Petite


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Khaleesi Cabrales is the 3 year old daughter of Heather and San Juan. She is a lifelong resident of Jackson County Texas where she attends Edna Head Start Academy. She is known by all those who she calls family as Itty the dragon girl! She has brown hair, blue eyes, is bilingual and full of life and fun. She is a 2 time Texas State Queen and has attended many prelims, state and world competitions since her pageant journey began at the tender age of 8 months. Her favorite thing about Our Little Miss is of course the theme parties and making lifelong friendships. Khaleesi wants to send all her love and higs to everyone and welcome you all to the family! Her motto in life is " All of life is a Stage SLAYY IT!".


Khaleesi is the youngest of 8 siblings. She currently resides with her mother Heather, father San Juan, brother Candy, and big sister and best friend Kayelea Shaye. She also has one more sister Skyelynn, and 4 more brothers John Eric, Jesse, Cashous, & Sebastian in addition to her 2 furbabies Gizmo & Ghost and 2 turtles Donnie and April.We live in a small tight knit community where everyone knows your name and she loves shopping in town and seeing all her friends old and young. Her hometown of Edna is known as Flag City and the home of the fighting Cowboys! Khaleesi spends her days at school, playing with her older sister and of course singing Barbie Girl over and over! She is a HUGE fan of the Edna Cowboy & Industrial Cobra Bands especially the color guard!

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Khaleesi is a girl of many talents. She loves to sing, dance, and well anything that requires her to perform in front of people. She was born to be on the stage and enjoys music and theatre. She has been training in MMA & weight lifting since the age of 10 months with her father. Her favorite movie is Barbie ( of course ) and her favorite TV show is Baby Shark. Her favorite song is Barbie Girl by Aqua & her favorite color like any Barbie girl is hot pink!

During her first reign Khaleesi did alot of work with the elderly population, this time her focus has been thanking the first responders for all they do! Khaleesi has had the honor and privelage of meeting the County Sheriff and all of the detectives, as well as the Edna Police Department, Vanderbilt Fire Department, and most recently was an honored guest at the Veterans Day luncheon where she got to thank the ones who fought for our freedom. She has a passion for changing the world one smile at a time. Her latest community service project was near and dear to her heart as she gathered and donated supplies to the Head Start that she attends. This was super special to her as she got to give back to the heros that are never rewarded for their service, TEACHERS!!! Khaleesi hopes to continue her service to her community long in the future as she loves her home town dearly.

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I'm so excited to see everyone this spring and can't believe it's already official season! Good Luck and have fun at the preliminaries. Can't wait to see everyone at state in Bastrop.


Khaleesi Cabrales

2023 Texas Baby Petite   

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