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2022 Texas' Our Little Miss Preteen



Anastasia is the 11 year old daughter of Diona and Brian Sims, and lives in Round Rock, Texas. She is currently in the 5th grade at Blackland Prairie Elementary School. Anastasia began her pageant journey when she was 5 years old, attending her first OLM preliminary in Georgetown, TX. She instantly made friends and fell in love with Our Little Miss, and getting to dress up! She is thankful for the opportunity to reign as Queen this year, especially besides the amazing girls she has as Queen Sisters.






Anastasia currently lives in Round Rock with her parents, her younger brother Cole, 3 cats, 2 dogs, and a few hermit crabs. Anastasia has a passion for animals, and has been very good at convincing her parents when there is an animal in need, to provide it a good home. In school, Anastasia excels in her classes, and challenges herself in programs such as TAG and UIL writing competitions. Her favorite subject in school is Reading, with Science being a close second.! 


In her free time, Anastasia enjoys reading, coding, taking voice lessons, and even guitar lessons with her mom! Her favorite books are the Warrior Cats Series and Harry Potter. Anastasia enjoys being with her friends, and is frequently the one organizing events for her and her friends to spend time together.

Anastasia has a heart for animals, especially those in need. She enjoys spending time volunteering at Safe in Austin, an animal rescue for animals with neurological or physical disabilities. She’s learned to clean hen houses, cut up fresh veggies for the birds and bunnies, as well as just spend some time giving the animals much needed attention. Part of Safe in Austin’s philosophy is to pair up these special animals with children who have super powers of their own. Stasia feels drawn to this organization through her love of animals, and being neurodiverse herself. Her favorite animal there is Champion, the calf who cannot use his legs. All of these animals though have a special place in her heart.


Can't wait to meet everyone and see you in Bastrop! 

Anastasia Sims

2022 Texas' Our Little Miss Preteen

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