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2021 Texas' Little Master


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Hello! I am Channing Smith, and I am your 2021 Texas’ Little Master for Our Little Miss! I am 5 years old. I live in Jacksonville, Texas and attend Pre-K at Bullard Early Childhood. I was super excited to start “big boy” school this year. Winning King at State last Spring was the coolest thing I have ever experienced. I was able to really show my personality on-stage and in interview. This year I have attended parades, attended prelims for OLM, and had the honor to do some community service while representing my title.






I have the BEST family EVER! They are my #1 supporters. My mom, Nanna, and sister NEVER missed a pageant and have been for every activity I’ve done for OLM. My PawPaw, Uncle Jeffy, and Cousin Cason were all at State when I won. They support me in everything I do and I’m so grateful.

My Bonus-Dad, Nick, passed away Christmas of 2020. But I know he’s looking down on me and yelling in full support. He never missed one of my games or practices.

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In my free time, I enjoy playing with my little sister and big cousin. We ride our bikes and scooters until the sun goes down. I have played soccer for 4 seasons, played t-ball for 2 Spring Seasons, and participate in gymnastics with my sister. I play t-ball better but have enjoyed having the same soccer team since I started. Our team has become a “family”.

My community service has been fun. So far I did 2 sessions of Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army. Both weekends it was freezing cold and raining, then the next day sunny and 75. That’s Texas! I shopped and donated toys for Toys for Tots. That was hard. I picked out Monster Trucks since they are my favorite, then had to put them in a bin to give to other kids that are less fortunate than me. I love to restock the local Blessing Box – it provides food, water, and other items for those that might be financially struggling and cannot go to the store to get their own. Another fun one was coloring and decorating Valentine’s for a Nursing Home in Longview, Texas. My great-grandmother is a resident there with 100+ other men and women. I made sacks filled with suckers, valentines cards, and stickers. It put a smile on my face to see them excited. I have had the pleasure of collecting items for one of the local NICU hospitals. When I was born, I spent a few days in the NICU myself and knew how hard it was on my mom. So my mom and I decided to collect items to help the NICU to help the Moms not feel as stressed about their baby’s time in the hospital. I love babies!

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Channing Smith

2021 Texas' Little Master

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