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2021 Texas' Baby Petite



Hello everyone! My name is Skylynn Knox. I am your 2021 Texas Baby Petite. I am 2 years old and don’t go to school yet, so I stay home with my grandparents while momma works. My favorite thing to do while with my grandparents is hang out with my grandpa and ride the tractor. Most evenings I’m either cheering on my brother or singing and dancing to Encanto or Moana. I am just so excited that I’ve had the opportunity to represent Texas Our Little Miss!


Let me tell you about my family! We live in a small town called Cuero,Texas. Never heard of it? Maybe you’ve heard of the Cuero Gobblers and the turkey mascot. Why turkey? We don’t know why either! My mom Sophie is amazing. She does everything for us. She takes me to all my competitions and runs me to all my Queen events. When not running me around, she’s taking my big brother Brayden to play sports. He is way taller than me, loves sports and is 15 years old, now that’s old! We are a very busy family but love everything about us!


One of my favorite hobbies is feeding the animals. I have cows, pigs and chickens. My animals mean a lot to me! Another thing I love is that my grandpa lets me feed the animals all by myself. I especially like when a baby calf is born because I get to bottle feed it like a baby!

Being Texas Our Little Miss Baby Petite, I was able to work a very popular event from Thanksgiving to New Year’s called Christmas in the Park. People come from all different towns to see the Christmas lights in the park. If you make the trip, you can see me at the exit wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Skylynn Knox

2021 Texas Baby Petite   

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