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2022 Texas' Miss La Petite 3-4


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Callan is the four year old daughter of Bo and Daylene Collette. Callan is in Pre-K3 at Sacred Heart Catholic School. She is in gymnastics and is working hard to learn her cartwheel.

Callan has 2 older brothers, Jaxon who is 14 and Brent who’s 18. Callan’s adult sister, Megan, is the mom of Callan’s two nieces, Elly and Dot. Callan loves playing with her nieces, especially Elly who is just a year younger than she is. Callan lives in Conroe, Texas.


Callan loves dancing and singing. Her favorite foods are mac & cheese, sweet potatoes, and turkey. Callan loves doing beauty pageants and spending time with friends.

Callan loves being a helper at school and home. She helped her mom with our annual community service event Cocoa for Cops where she helped prepare hot cocoa and cookies for police and first responders. She also helped out by eating all the marshmallows cookies she could.


I can't wait to meet everyone at state!


Callan Collette

2022 Texas’ Miss LaPetite

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