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2021 Texas' Universal Beauty (0-18 mo)


Mucho Gusto! Nice to meet you! My name is Khaleesi Myrcella Cabrales, I am 26 months old and I live in the City by the Sea - Palacios, Texas.  I have the best job in the world, I get the honor and privilege to represent the greatest state in the USA as 2021 Texas Universal Beauty 0-18 months. I am too young to go to school, so my days are spent hanging out with my best friend/ older sister Kayelea learning the alphabet, and of course dancing and singing for everyone who comes over! My family and friends call me Itty! 

Let me introduce you to my folks or mi gente! That's me on the left. Next is my Daddy, his name is John, and he's always cheering me on and holding my hand when Mommy's volunteering in other areas. He is my hero and my first love! To his right is my big sister and partner in crime Kayelea. She is the best dancer I've ever known and teaches me all her moves on the dance floor and in life, what more could I ask for. On the end is my Mommy, she's my biggest fan and teammate. She is an accountant and a superhero! I swear she seems to do a million things at one time! Not pictured is Tito, he's my Uncle but since he lives with us, he's more like my big brother and no lie the coolest guy ever! 


My favorite thing to do in life is bring a smile to everyone's face. I spend my days watching my favorite Disney songs on YouTube so I can get the dance moves down. We definitely don't talk about Bruno! I also have a passionate relationship with stickers, I can spot a sticker anywhere and frequently peel them off of places I probably shouldn't. But hey a babies gotta do what a babies gotta do. 


One of my favorite things about being the Texas Universal Beauty 0-18 months is that I get to travel all around donating my time and resources to help others. My favorite times I've gotten to volunteer are at the preliminary pageants all around Texas. I enjoy getting to watch all the girls perform their talents during official season. But most of all, I love playtime with all the contestants, state queens and world queens. My other favorite volunteering moments were when I got to spend time appreciating the hospice nurses and donating supplies to the patients.


Khaleesi Myrcella Cabrales 

2021 Texas Universal Beauty 0-18 months 

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