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2022 Texas' Universal Beauty (7 - 9)


Hello! My name is Vada Nitsch and I'm your 2021 Texas Our Little Miss! I am 8 years old and in the 3rd grade. My favorite part of the school day is PE and my favorite subject is science.











This is my family, my loudest fans! We currently live in Abilene, Tx. My mom, Brittney, is my biggest supporter. She is always running around making sure everything is taken care of so I can get on stage and do what I love. My dad, Willie, is always right beside her. He drives us everywhere, fixes all my outfits and never forgets to make sure I've had my Starbucks! My little sister Palmer can always be heard cheering me on from the crowd. We're a family that loves finding new adventures and experiences together! 

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I enjoy trying new things. I've participated in gymnastics, competitive cheer, softball, pageants and currently training with horses. I'm always up for a challenge and love learning where I can improve.

I took a trip two years ago to a childrens hospital for surgery and I learned about so many kids and families battling cancer during my stay and I've made it my passion to help. I donate to charity and love helping with all kinds of fundraisers. I wish to grow up and help as many people as possible.

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Vada Nitsch

2021 Texas Universal Beauty 7-9 

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