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2021 Texas' Our Little Miss



Hello friends! My name is Sydney Hanna, and I am your 2021 Texas’ Our Little Miss!  I am 9 years old and in the 4th grade.  My favorite subjects in school are math and science but my most favorite subject is recess!  Getting to play and hang out with my friends is the absolute best.   Most nights you can find me at Diversity Dance Studio, dancing with Mini Company!


I am just so excited to have the privilege and opportunity to be representing the state of Texas.  Becoming the Texas state queen was a long-term goal of mine and I am loving this job.  It really is the BEST! 






This is my family! Cute right?  We live in a town outside of Dallas, called Flower Mound.  The town was named after a mound of flowers… get it? Literally a mound of flowers LOL.  My Dad Andy is one of my biggest fans.  My mom Jessie is the best!  She takes me to all of my prelims, activities, dance and community service. She is always in the car.  You want to know something else cool…?  Jessie is also the Royalty Coordinator for Texas State.  Cool right?  My brother Mack is 12 years old and SUPER tall!  I think he supports me too… but he says he supports me from home, LOL.  We are a busy and crazy family but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Meet Papa, he’s my fabricated American and he and I perform together.  I have been doing ventriloquism now for about three years and I love it!  I love getting to do fun songs and skits with my puppets and watching everyone smile. 

I love to perform 😊

Being the Texas’ Our Little Miss, you get to work with some really cool organizations. One of the ones I worked with this year was the Salvation Army.  I spent most of the holiday season ringing the bell all over the DFW area.  You could find me in front of numerous malls, Walmart, and I even brought Papa along to entertain. 

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Sydney Hanna

2021 Texas' Our Little Miss

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