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2021 Texas' Miss La Petite



Hi my name is Lillianna Medellin, I am 7 years old and a first grader at Roscoe Montessori School. My favorite subject is Math and i love getting to learn new things. Here is a little information about me!  






This is my family, my mommy and Daddy met a long time ago when they were still in school. They got married and I am their oldest child. I liked being the only child but it got lonely sometimes so when I was four years old my mommy had another baby, my little sister Elyzabeth. She is my best friend and I love doing everything with her! I am so happy I have the best family


When I am not at pageants, you can find me doing cheerleading, gymnastics, softball, piano and one of my favorites DANCE! I love listening to music and just getting to move. I have done dance since I was 4 years old and my favorite part is getting to wear makeup and fun dresses to perform at my recitals just like I do for pageants! I get to do tap, ballet and Jazz. 

One of my favorite things to do is to help others! Did you know in Texas Our Fire Departments are always fighting grass fires? The fire departments go long hours at a time in the heat so I collected water and snacks for them to help cool them off! It felt so good to help! My little sister Elyzabeth also got to help collect some with me! 


"Leave a little sparkle wherever you go"

Lillianna Medellin

Texas' Miss La Petite

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