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2022 Texas' Universal Beauty (0-22 mo)


My name is Alaiya Reyes. I am the 2 year old daughter of Baileigh and Victor Reyes from Conroe, Texas. 

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I love being a big sister and helping Mommy take care of my baby sister, Liliana. We also have a German shepherd who I named, Skye, from my favorite show, Paw Patrol. 

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We can’t forget about my grandma BeeBee! She is the one that you always see on stage with me! She loved doing pageants with my mommy when she was a baby, and now gets do them with me!

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Fun facts about me: I am learning to speak English and Spanish! My favorite foods are chicken nuggets, French fries and “doodles” which means Ramen noodles. Don’t forget chocolate! 

When I’m not doing pageants, I am usually outside in my rubber boots, playing with animals or dancing! I love music and am always the first to get the dance party started. I’m a big animal lover too and love when I get to go to my BeeBee and PawPaw’s house to play with their dogs, cats, chickens, goose, and pot belly pig! 

I like going in the chicken coop to hunt for eggs. I get so excited when I find one and get to put it in my bucket. It feels like Easter every day!

After I gather eggs, BeeBee helps me clean them and then take them to local senior citizens!

I have also volunteered with our local food bank to help pass out food to those in need! I love being able to give back to my community and meet so many nice people!

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My World OLM accomplishments include being crowned as the 2023 Worlds Universal Mini-Queen 0-2, along with winning Prettiest Smile.  At World Official in July, I earned multiple top placing awards in Official, Livin Doll, Proams and Portfolio. I also received the award for Best Dress.

I am your 2022  Texas’ Universal Beauty 0-22 months.


Alaiya Reyes

2022 Texas’ Universal Beauty 

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