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2022 Texas' Universal Beauty (6)


Hello everyone.  My name is Addyson Valentine and I am your 2021 Texas’ Universal Beauty.  I am 7 years old and in the 2nd grade.  My favorite subjects in school are math and science.  I love writing down math problems and then solving them, especially multiplication.  I am very active during the week with gymnastics, tumbling, cheer and dance. 


This is my family.  We moved to Texas over 5 years ago from the swamps of Louisiana. My dad, Chris, loves to fish and I got to go out in the bass boat with him for the first time not that long ago.  It was so fun, I wanted to go faster.  My mom, Pamela is my best friend as well as my chauffeur.  She takes me to all of my activities as well as travels with me to prelims and community service.  I keep my parents busy and on their toes for sure.  We have 3 crazy dogs, a cat, 2 guinea pigs and 2 hermit crabs.  I love when we travel back to my grandparents’ house in Louisiana, and we take the dogs.  I get to play with them in the car and they help entertain me during the long drive.


One of my favorite things to do is dance with tumbling and gymnastics tricks in the choreography.  I started dancing when I was 2 and have been taking gymnastics for about 3 years. I just added tumbling as well.  I love to cartwheel throughout the house which drives my mom crazy.  Since I am so small, people are amazed at my tumbling skills.  I love their reactions and most of all the attention. 

Being Texas' Universal Beauty has really helped me to connect with the community and helping others.  I’ve had the opportunity to give gifts to orphan children at a Children’s Home in the Smoky Mountains.  I have also collected band aids for Children’s Hospitals and donated to purchase toys to benefit Texas Children’s Hospital.  Next up is to collect supplies for teachers in my school district.  With the help of my mom, I am starting my own charity to help children with a rare condition that affects your vision.  Being legally blind, I want to help others like me and show the world that we need to Focus on the Ability, and not the Disability.


I am so excited to meet everyone at the preliminaries and to see you at the state pageant in Bastrop.  Remember to smile big, shine bright and Focus on your ability!


Addyson Valentine

2021 Texas’ Universal Beauty 

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