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2023 Texas' Baby Petite (19-36 mo)


Khaleesi Myrcella Cabrales is the 3 year old daughter of Heather & San Juan from Vanderbilt Texas. Khaleesi attends school at Edna Head Start alongside her sister & best friend Kayelea. She is the youngest of 8 siblings has 3 dogs Karen, Ghost, and Dollar and 2 turtles Donatello & April O’Neil. To all those who know and love her, she is called Itty because she weighed 3 pounds at birth. She loves to eat pretty much everything, she’s obsessed with dragons and her favorite song is Baby Shark. Her favorite color is Hot Pink, her favorite show is Ninja Turtles and her absolute favorite thing to do in life is sing, which she does all day everyday. She has been with OLM since the age of 9 months and at the age of 15 months was crowned for the first time as Texas’ Universal Beauty 0-18 months. She has attended 2 World pageants, 5 state pageants and numerous prelims. Her favorite part of OLM is serving her community and making new friends. Khaleesi wants everyone to have fun and be themselves cause there is no better person to be than you!

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