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2023 Texas' Miss La Petite (5-6)



Addie is the 7 year old daughter of Joshua and Ashly Williams and serves from, Pflugerville, Tx. She attends Lakeway Learning, where she is Homeschooled alongside her siblings; Ayden, Aliyna, and Aria. She loves hiking, collecting nature, and exploring all the small things under her microscope which fuels her dream of being a Scientist. She would love to discover something new one day. She is an aspirational violinist and she is a strong, and mighty upcoming Gymnast. If she could she would travel from one place to an other purely by doing cartwheels. She has been an active member of Awana since she had the Cubbies title and is excited to finish out her last year as a Sparkie. Adeline enjoys serving her community, and has learned how to serve in many ways by being a Tenderheart in American Heritage Girls. She can’t wait to capitalize on that skill throughout her reign as your Texas’ Miss LaPetite.

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