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2023 Texas' Miss La Petite (3-4)



Paisley is the four year old daughter of Robert and Stephanie Smith of Kingsland, Texas. Paisley loves being a big sister to her fur brother Kona. Paisey is currently attending Pre-k at Packsaddle Elementary and is preparing to start t-ball in the sall. When she grows up her dreams are to become an artist, an art teacher or a chef. In her free time you can find her either at her art easel drawing, coloring in her coloring books, putting make up on or dancing to her own songs. Paisley can be a very picky eater but she will never turn down fish sticks with ketchup and a side of applesauce. When it comes to her accomplishments and dreams she never gives up. Paisley finally, after three seasons, became the 2023 Texas' Miss La Petite. That is one thing she wants everyone to gain from this; never ever give up on your hopes and dreams because one day they will come true.

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