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2023 Texas' Baby Petite (0-18 mo)



Echo is the 20-month-old daughter of Carlton and Mary. She has one older brother, Emmitt, that she looks up to and really tries to keep up with. She lives in Buchanan Dam on Lake Buchanan where you can find her riding her four-wheeler, swimming or inside watching Blaze and the Monster Machines on especially hot days. Echo won her State title and Model of the Year when she was just 13 months old. She then went on to compete at Worlds in Houston, TX in July 2023 where she won Worlds Popular Miss, Living Doll Alternate, Miss USA 0-2, and World’s Mini Queen 0-2.  Echo loves to dance and sing on her microphone. If she hears a tune that she likes, she’ll be sure to let you know. Echo also loves to travel. In the first year of her life, she’s been to The Bahamas, Cabo San Lucas, California, and Hawaii, where she was lucky to witness Pelé, a volcano on the big island,  erupting. Echo enjoys trying new foods but is a huge fan of cheese and chocolate. She hopes to try new and exciting things soon. Both at the table and in her travels.

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